October 20, 2019

Η Ομάδα

George Stathis
General Manager - Founder
He studied at the Kapodistrian University of Athens and he has been working as a professional sign language interpreter since 2013. He has attended many pan-European and national conferences on deafness and sign language interpretation. He has participated in seminars on audiovisual translation for the blind and partially sighted and seminars on special subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of hearing. He is one the mentors for startup companies in the 6th cycle of the egg program. He speaks English and Russian and he has a braille certification. He has also been a martial arts athlete for many years. He collaborates with the Hellenic Federation of the Deaf and the National Institution for the deaf. He is a member of the Association of Interpreters of Greek Sign Language and also a member of European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (EFSLI). In September 2016 he took on the role of communication co-ordinator at the efsli pan-European conference which took place in Athens. He was also the Board Secretary of the Association of the Interpreters of Greek Sign Language (AIGSL).
Chara Stathi
Executive Manager - Founder
She studied English language and literature at the Kapodistrian University of Athens and she continued her studies in the field of learning difficulties. She has a Braille certification. She attends pan-European and national conferences on special education. She has also has participated in seminars on audiovisual translation for the blind and partially sighted and seminars on special subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of hearing. She has plenty of experience in teaching English as a second language to deaf and hard of hearing students. She was a volunteer at the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters which took place in Athens in 2016. She took part in the Reload Greece startup accelerator programme. She was one of the mentors in Greentech challenge competition and in the 6th cycle of the egg programme. She was involved in sports and latter in dancing. She speaks English, Spanish and Russian. She has been learning the Greek Sign language as well.



Technical support department



Dimitra Triantafilou
Video and Art Director
She studied Video and Photography and she continued her postgraduate studies on Video Production, sound, Visual media and motion Graphics. she has been working as a photographer and videographer since 2012. Her expertise is in Photoshop, Illustrator, After-affects, Premiere, In design.
Petros Pissarids
Video and Art Director
He studied graphic design and he specializes in corel and photoshop prorams, at the same time he continued his studies on photography and he constantly expands his knowledge on technology with his participation in national and international seminars and conferences. He is a native sign language speaker and he is a bilingual since he was born into a deaf family and he was raised in deaf people's community.
Giannis Dukos
Video and Art Director

Σπουδασε Τεχνικός Εφαρμογών πληροφορικής και πολυμέσων (Web Designer - Web Developer) και γνωρίζει άπταιστα τη Νοηματική Γλώσσα μιας και είναι κωφός και φυσικός χρήστης της. Συμμετέχει σε πολλά σεμινάρια και ειδικές εκπαιδεύσεις γύρω από τον τομέα του και χειρίζεται τεχνικά περιβάλλοντα όπως photoshop, illustrator, after-affects, premiere, In design filmora.

Vaggelis Bratsolis
Video and Art Director

Σπούδασε Ναυτιλιακά στο Πανεπιστήμιο του Πειραιά και εργάζεται στην διαχείριση ανθρώπινου δυναμικού. Είναι κάτοχος επάρκειας της Ελληνικής Νοηματικής Γλώσσας και επικεντρώθηκε στον διαφορετικό τρόπο έκφρασης και επικοινωνίας της. Διακρίθηκε στην Ελληνική Μαθηματική Εταιρεία κατακτώντας την δεύτερη θέση σε όλη την Αττική, ενώ έχει ειδικές γνώσεις σε θέματα κατασκευής και συντήρησης ιστοσελίδων, επεξεργασίας βίντεο και προγραμμάτων επεξεργασίας γραφικών. Έχει παρακολουθήσει ειδικά σεμινάρια IT & Networking, Web Design και Web Developing αλλά και οπτικοακουστική μετάφραση, όπως: ειδικός υποτιτλισμός για Κωφούς και Βαρήκοους και ακουστική περιγραφή για άτομα με προβλήματα όρασης. 



Creative department



Δήμητρα Κωνσταντάκη
Υπεύθυνη Εθελοντών
Σπούδαζε στο Εθνικό Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών στο τμήμα Πληροφορικής & Τηλεπικοινωνίας, ωστόσο από μικρο παιδί το πάθος της για την Ζαχαροπλαστική την έκανε να μεταβάλει τα επαγγελματικά της σχέδια. Παράλληλα με την σχολή ζαχαροπλαστικής ανακάλυψε και την νοηματική γλώσσα και αφοσιώθηκε στην εκμάθηση της, καθώς την έκανε να νιώσει μέλος της κοινότητας των Κωφών. Η ίδια είναι κάτοχος επάρκειας ελληνικής νοηματικής γλώσσας. Για 2 χρόνια συμμετείχε ως εθελόντρια στο Φεστιβάλ Κωφών (Deafestival) και ακόμα 3 χρόνια στο φεστιβάλ μουσικής (Ejekt Festival). Σήμερα εργάζεται εθελοντικά σε κέντρο ημέρας για άτομα με πολλαπλές αναπηρίες. Κατάφερε να συνδυάσει τις 2 μεγάλες αγάπες της, δημιουργώντας το δικό της κανάλι στο Youtube, απ' όπου και παρουσιάζει συνταγές ζαχαροπλαστικής στη νοηματική γλώσσα. Γνωρίζει άπταιστα Αγγλικά και πρόσφατα ξεκίνησε να μαθαίνει και Ισπανικά.
Nefeli Radou

Doctor of Special Education and Master of Postgraduate Diploma of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, a graduate of the Panteion University, her research interests are related to deafness, sign language, lateralization of brain function and hand preference. She has participated and presented her research projects to many conferences. She has been working as a special educator since 2008 training students with disabilities (autistic spectrum disorder, mental disabilities, cerebral palsy, down syndrome).  

Konstantinos Samaras
Deaf presenter
He studied Business Management but he continued his studies on Special Education. He is a member of activist organizations . His dream is to become a special education teacher since he studied at the faculty of Phylosophy, Pedagogy and psycology at the Kapodistrian University of Athens.He has also started his postgraduate studies on special education. He has been taught the Greek Sign Language and he is an excellent user of the international sign language. He constantly claims accessibility to seminars, conferences and to any kind of events for people with disabilities when society usually excludes them.
Vera Pilitsidou
She studied English Language and Literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, but it was translation that fascinated her, so she went on to study Translation on postgraduate level. She works as an English teacher and translator. She specializes in specialized translation and has attended interpretation and subtitling seminars. Language as a means of communication and translation as a way to communicate language messages is at the centre of her interests. She speaks English, French and Italian