Tips επικοινωνίας για ακούοντες

Always ask: even if someone’s
wearing a hearing aid, ask if
they need to lip-read you.

Make sure you have the person’s
before you start speaking.

Find a place to talk, that has
good lighting, away from noise
and distractions.

Turn your face, towards them,
so they can easily see your lip

Get to the point: use plain language
and and don’t waffle.

Make sure, what you’re saying
is being understood.
If someone doesn’t understnd
what you’ve said, try saying it,
in a different way.






Keep your voice down:
it’s uncomfortable for a hearing aid
user if you shout, and it looks

Speak clearly, not too slowly,
and use normal lip movements
facial expressions and gestures.

If you’re looking to one person with
hearing loss and one without,
focus on both of them.