we Sign for equal access.
The first sign language interpreting agency in Greece.

Aiming for universal access, we offer:

Interpretation and accessibility services in collaboration with certified interpreters as well as independent and selected professionals.

With a vision of universal access to information, we offer:

Informative articles and videos on a variety of topics in Greek Sign Language. For example:
• Covid-19
• Health
• Politics
• Society
• Interviews
• Nutrition

*Please note that the content is only available in Greek.

Accessibility Services

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Some of our projects

Our portfolio is frequently updated with projects and collaborations related to culture, society, entrepreneurship, technology, education, and more. Below you will find only a few selected projects, but there are many more!
Accessibility at the Museum of Cycladic Art
Accessibility at the Museum of Cycladic Art
Glossary of LGBTI+ Terminology
Glossary of LGBTI+ Terminology
AiD Application | Horizon 2020
AiD Application | Horizon 2020
Universally Accessible 360° Campaign by Mythos Beer
Universally Accessible 360° Campaign by Mythos Beer
Hop on Inclusion | SKEP
Hop on Inclusion | SKEP

Important Milestone

In September 2017, the Greek sign language was recognized as an official language of the Greek state, equal to the spoken language.

Σημαντικό Ορόσημο

Τον Σεπτέμβριο του 2017, η ελληνική νοηματική γλώσσα αναγνωρίστηκε ως επίσημη γλώσσα του ελληνικού κράτους, ισότιμη με την ομιλούμενη.
How we differ:
Completed Projects
Informative Articles
Professional Interpreters
We choose our partners carefully, to be able to offer the best possible quality to all of our services.
Creative & Flexible Environment
We adjust to the needs of every single project, and of course, to the challenges the Covid pandemic brought upon us.
Awarded Value
Since the beginning of our startup company, we have been trusted by many business entities and awarded prizes for our social entrepreneurship.
Constant Service Evaluation
There is no better evaluation for us, except for your opinion. We are here to listen, learn, and evolve.
Each project, a unique collaboration

We handle each new project as a unique collaboration between you and us. With respect and professionalism, we provide our services, and we are happy for the positive impact we create together.

See who has trusted us so far and what they say about our collaboration.

OACA "Spiros Louis"

For us, your contribution to the changes we are trying to achieve at OACA is particularly important.

Our goal is for the Olympic Complex to become an accessible space for all our fellow citizens. The interpretation of OACA’s videos in sign language is a sample of culture and we will be happy to cooperate again in the future.

Museum of Cycladic Art

Our collaboration with Hands Up was flawless and creative at all stages.

We were given the opportunity to make the Museum’s collections accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors. The professionalism and excellent knowledge of the subject of all members of the Hands Up team is one of the many reasons we wish to continue our cooperation.

Athens Pride

HandsUp takes over the accessibility of the annual Athens Pride Festival, for deaf and hard of hearing people. In the LGBTQI+ community of deaf people it is important that the interpretation is done with respect for the audience’s identity, confidentiality, but also with absolute political correctness.

Our cooperation takes place in the framework of mutual appreciation, excellent response, financial packages, and also the professional excellence that each person we have worked with radiates.

Me Alla Matia (meallamatia.gr)

Hands Up is our strategic partner in accessibility and inclusion.

It completes our events with interpretation and subtitling and it stands out for the consistency, speed, and quality of the services it provides us. In addition, the kindness, friendliness, and flexibility of its people are what sealed our long-term cooperation.

Challedu ΑΜΚΕ (Non-Profit Civil Partnership)

We collaborated with Hands Up as part of our information event for an Erasmus+ project regarding the inclusion of Deaf & Hard of Hearing people in the tourism industry. Of course, we did also have simultaneous interpretation in Greek sign language, and we are extremely satisfied and happy to have chosen the services of Hands Up for this purpose.

The Hands Up interpreters were excellent, with a deep knowledge of the subject and gave a special character to our event! Thank you very much for your valuable contribution to it and we hope to work together again in the future!

Culturepolis ΑΜKE (Non-Profit Civil Partnership)

We collaborated with Hands Up for an Erasmus+ project.

We are extremely satisfied with the consistency, performance, and quality of the result of the two interpreters and will certainly cooperate in the future!

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